Secure Investment Communications

Streamline your financial dealings with encrypted messaging solutions.

Effortlessly manage sensitive investment data, deal flows, and client communications.

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Vanish Mode

Send messages that immediately self-destruct after they are read.

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Instant Identity Verification

Require receivers to confirm their identity through phone or email, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

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Ensure that your confidential information is accessed only in designated safe zones, such as your company's headquarters.

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Enhanced Message Protection

Explore additional security options.

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    Message Expiration

    Take control of the lifespan of your messages with flexible options ranging from 1 week to just 10 minutes. Set it and forget it, never worrying about outdated information lingering and falling into the wrong hands.

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    Passcode Protection

    Add an additional layer of security by requiring a passcode to open the message, thus keeping your information extra secure.

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    Send Expiration Notifications

    Never let a message expire unnoticed. Automatically send reminders to guests before your message disappears.

Enjoy peace of mind with Secure Messaging

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    End-to-End Encryption

    Only you who can read your messages. Not even us.

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    Custom Security

    Fine-tune your message access with location, time locks, and more.

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    Get notified when your message has been opened.

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Something for everyone

  • Standard

    For anyone who wants peace of mind
    The easiest way to try Safe
    • ✓
      Up to 20 Email Verifications
    • ✓
      Up to 2 Phone Verifications
    • ✓
      Up to 2 Location-Locked Messages
    • ✓
      Single-attachment with a 250MB limit.
    • ✓
      Standard Support
  • Supreme Business

    For enterprises, software providers, and marketing
    Large scale collaboration
    • ✓
      Includes all Safe Pro features, plus:
    • ✓
      Custom attachments
    • ✓
      Advanced message tracking: read receipts, viewer recipient details, failed attempts, and screenshot protection/alerts
    • ✓
      Custom branding: Add your company's branding to your messages
    • ✓
      API Access for custom integrations
    • ✓
      Early access to upcoming features

Safe & Sound

Stories of Real-world Security. There are some typos. We chose not to edit the authenticity of the responses.

Jasmine (Senior Software Engineer)

Last year, I got hacked and almost lost 40K—yeah, it was that bad. Ever since, I've been on edge about secure messaging. Fast forward to a couple weeks ago, I recorded a personal note and thought, "This should be on Safe." Sent the link to myself and felt way better knowing it'd auto-delete in a week. Didn't use phone verification, but just knowing I could was kinda nice.

Jessica (Angel Investor)

Some months ago, a good friend of mine hit me up about an exclusive, invite-only party, I forgot everything so I asked for the details. To my surprise, he responded with a SafeMessage link, once I clicked it, I had to verify with my phone number and a passcode to enter. It was easy and smooth.

Kalani (TMJ Patient)

A few days ago, I decided to get Botox treatment for TMJ and set an appointment at a local clinic. They sent me a PDF and just being honest—texting my credit card didn't feel like the brightest idea, even on a "secure line." So here's what I did: I used Safe Messages to send my payment details, adding an extra layer of security by requiring a verification code.
Then text her the Safe link.

A few minutes passed before the doctor texted back, "Yes, it came through. Thank you!"

Aaron (Airbnb Host)

I'm constantly sending sensitive info. Door codes, Wi-Fi passwords; that kind of stuff. I was always worried about these messages sitting in someone's inbox. That's pretty much why I use Safe Messages. Now I just send out door codes and lock them to the address.

Aaliyah (Doctorate Student)

My parents are super paranoid about internet security, so they're always telling me to be careful with passwords and whatnot. Sent them our Netflix and Hulu passwords with Safe. I'm happy it worked and it was easy for them.

Priya (Girlfriend)

Just for fun, I sent my boyfriend a message saying 'I love you,' but I locked it to our house while he was at his office. I just wanted to annoy him and it worked because he couldn't open it lol

Carlos (Surgery Patient)

A couple of months back, I was all set for this sinus surgery. The clinic said they need their $7k deposit and sent me a ton of PDFs. There was bi way was I gonna put my credit card info on a PDF that could end up anywhere. So I decide to send a Safe, put in my credit card details, and set it up so the clinic's verified phone number was the key to open it. I send them the link, and they get it. The assistant said, "I love this app, great way!". It was a win-win: peace of mind for me, and a smooth process for them.

Jason (Startup Founder)

Sharing API keys with the tech team was on my mind; it's sensitive stuff. I opted for Safe Messages and sent them out. The process felt more secure than what we had been doing. It's comforting to have that extra layer of security

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