Streamlined Security for Real Estate

Effortlessly manage and share property-related documents with robust encryption and flexible access controls.

Tailored for real estate professionals.

Takes less than a minute
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Privacy Perfected

Explore the Endless Possibilities

  • Client Communication
    Safeguard sensitive client conversations and negotiation details. Ideal for agents prioritizing confidentiality and trust.
  • Real Estate Transactions
    Securely exchange crucial documents like purchase agreements and client IDs. Ensure exclusive access to sensitive transaction details.
  • Legal Document Sharing
    Effortlessly and securely share legal documents. Essential for lawyers and agents handling property legalities.
  • Property Management
    Communicate securely with tenants and service providers. Send notices and updates while maintaining data security.
  • Marketing & Listings
    Send property images and virtual tour links securely. Ideal for exclusive and secure property marketing experiences.
  • Property Access Management
    Manage showings with time-locked messages. Share access codes securely for scheduled durations, enhancing showing efficiency.

Something for everyone

  • Standard

    For anyone who wants peace of mind
    The easiest way to try Safe
    • ✓
      Up to 20 Email Verifications
    • ✓
      Up to 2 Phone Verifications
    • ✓
      Up to 2 Location-Locked Messages
    • ✓
      Single-attachment with a 250MB limit.
    • ✓
      Standard Support
  • Supreme Business

    For enterprises, software providers, and marketing
    Large scale collaboration
    • ✓
      Includes all Safe Pro features, plus:
    • ✓
      Custom attachments
    • ✓
      Advanced message tracking: read receipts, viewer recipient details, failed attempts, and screenshot protection/alerts
    • ✓
      Custom branding: Add your company's branding to your messages
    • ✓
      API Access for custom integrations
    • ✓
      Early access to upcoming features

Share anywhere

  • Encrypted links for airtight confidentiality
  • Securely bridge communication across platforms
  • Streamline your real estate workflows

Message Expiration

Take control of the lifespan of your messages with flexible options ranging from 1 week to just 10 minutes. Set it and forget it, never worrying about outdated information lingering and falling into the wrong hands.

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Vanish Mode

Send messages that immediately self-destruct after they are read.

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Instant Identity Verification

Require receivers to confirm their identity through phone or email, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

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Enhanced Message Protection

Explore additional security options.

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  • Image (10)
  • Image (5)

Enjoy peace of mind with Secure Messaging

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    Custom Security

    Fine-tune your message access with location, time locks, and more.

  • Notifications active fill1 wght700 grad200 opsz48

    Get notified when your message has been opened.

  • Enhanced encryption fill1 wght700 grad200 opsz48
    End-to-End Encryption

    Only you who can read your messages. Not even us.

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Safe & Sound

Real Estate Security Success Stories. We chose not to edit the authenticity of the responses.

Marcus (Real Estate Agent)

Recently, I had to share sensitive documents for a luxury property sale. Concerned about privacy, I used SafeMessage, setting the message to self-destruct in 24 hours and location-locked to our office. The client was impressed with the security.

Elena (Airbnb Host)

As an Airbnb host, I needed a secure way to send access details to a cleaner. Using SafeMessage, I created a link that expired in a day. The cleaner appreciated the simplicity and security, giving me peace of mind about the safety of the information.

David (Real Estate Lender)

Working in real estate lending, I often exchange sensitive information. To ease a client's security concerns, we used SafeMessage for document exchange. The documents were securely shared and set to expire, streamlining the process and ensuring privacy.

Aaron (Airbnb Host)

I'm constantly sending sensitive info. Door codes, Wi-Fi passwords; that kind of stuff. I was always worried about these messages sitting in someone's inbox. That's pretty much why I use Safe Messages. Now I just send out door codes and lock them to the address.

Sophia (Property Manager)

Managing properties, I frequently share access codes. Last week, I sent a time-locked SafeMessage to a maintenance team. It provided easy access during the work window and auto-deleted afterward.

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